Santa Clara County Emergency Mental Health Services

MOBILE CRISIS RESPONSE TEAM1-800-704-0900 Option 2

Santa Clara County Suicide & Crisis Hotline – 1-855-278-4204

Text RENEW to 741741 

The information above is meant to be for further support or assessment. If you are in a mental health emergency and at risk of harming yourself or someone else please call 9-8-8!

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) or for the local Santa Clara chapter

The National Alliance of Mental Illness or NAMI is a great organization that I recommend to all the clients, loved ones, and family members of those struggling with mental health. They provide support groups, education classes, and have resources that are extremely helpful. There is typically a local chapter in most counties. 

Substance Use Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous or A.A -

Refuge Recovery -

Self-Management And Recovery Training Recovery or SMART Recovery -

There are various substance use support groups that can be helpful. Some may be more faith-based and others are not. Here are a few examples of support groups that I have provided people with information on. Recovery is easier when you have support from others!

Psychosis Related Resources and Worksheets

University of Washington - Psychosis Recovery by Enable Adult Carers at Home (REACH) Training -

A great training for family members, friends and professionals. It covers some basic concepts related to understanding and assisting a person dealing with psychosis. It emphasize a strengths based perspective and cognitive behavioral therapy approach. It is a semi lengthy training but free if you can get registered. I would suggest completing it in segments to truly take the information in. The link provided also provides various fact sheets that are informative.